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DIY Dip Powder- Start Here

     I want to say a BIG hello and welcome to everyone with our first blog!!. Some are new here and some are new to the dipping world. I’d like to go over a few basic questions for general dipping as well specifically for Dipped In Sparkles. 
     If your new or need a refresher on the process, I recommend reading the whole post. If you are new to DIS (Dipped In Sparkles), scroll down to the part that says ‘Specific for Dipped In Sparkles.’ This covers a lot of information about us. 🙃
Basic dipping steps:
          You always want to start with clean hands and prep your nails well. This includes removing/ pushing back your cuticles and using a ph prep or alcohol. Some people swear by dawn blue dish soap. I just use alcohol.
          Next is the dipping part. I always like to have an orange stick or toothpick ready to trace my cuticles immediately after each dip. Paint your nails with the base and either dip, lay or pour the powder. I prefer laying. I find it to turn out best but it’s good to see what works for you. Make sure to brush off in between each dip with a brush. You can use a fluffy brush or a stiff brush. 
          If you’re only getting one brush, get a stiff brush. When using any clear, a stiff brush is needed to avoid bubbles or a cloudy look. A toothbrush or nail brush works great. Scrub the clear really well!! It makes a world of difference!
          Continuing on... Dip how ever many times you’d like. Keep in mind if your adding clear. You can start with clear, which is recommended for glitters to make removal easier. You can also use clear on top- whether for added strength, or to protect your powders.
          Some colors file and buff a lighter color and most glitters buff silver. I always recommend something over glitters. The option besides clear is to use an extra coat or two of base. This is my personal favorite- but it can be thinner than clear. If you need more buffing or filing, I’d recommend clear or using Builder Gel. (Next post will cover this.)
          I think most people dip 3-4 times, but I’ve done upwards of 6 with thin liquids. Recently I have been doing 1-2 dips over builder gel.  It’s personal preference again. So after you’ve done all your dips, if you are going to top with base, I just paint it on like I was going to dip, and let it dry, one or two coats.
          Then you are going to activate. Wait two minutes and your nails will be hard. Now file and buff to where you like them. Then you will activate again, not to heavy, wait two minutes, wipe with alcohol, and go in with two coats of dip top coat.
          I do all 10 fingers and then go back for the second coat. Make sure it’s fully dry before touching or you’ll loose your shine. Now different brands of liquids may vary a bit in steps but these should work as well.
     Be sure to use 100% acetone and I always recommend a bit of coconut oil in the acetone. Putting the acetone in a bag, then put that bag in warm water or wane rice, (it is said heat speeds up removal). Peel base is also popular. The results of peel base vary widely from person to person AND brand to brand, but if you can figure out what works for you, it can be awesome.
Products needed:
     You definitely need liquids- base, activater and top coat. You can use any brand of liquids with any brand of powders. They are interchangeable. Same with base, activater and top coat.
     There are tons of options for liquids. DIS liquids base is thin and dries slowly. Our activor is quite strong and needs to be fully dry before starting top coat. No wait needed with our gel base/ top coat. 
     You’ll also need a nail file, a buffer block, orange sticks or toothpicks, a nail brush or toothbrush and acetone. There are lots of optional supplies like peel base, nail drill, fluffy brush and I’m sure many more.
Dipping with the Gel Method
     When using gel of any sort, always start with gel base. Cure times can vary, but generally 30-60 seconds will fully cure most gel. I reccomend a minimum of 48 watts in a UV/ LED light. Do aim to keep all gels off your skin. A lamp is required to use gel. 
     After curing your base coat, you can begin dipping. Paint on your second layer of gel base on as thin as you can, then pour over (or for glitters or flake lay very gently) the dip/ acrylic powder. Here take your time with your edges and cuticles. It wont set until you cure. Cure fully, and dip 2/3 more times depending on your preferance. Again, i suggest trying more then one way to see what works best for you. Don't be afrain to be flexible with it! 
     After dipping, I am to have as little filing as possible. I will add a layer or two of builder gel if I need to do some filing over chunky glitters. Finish your mani off with gel base and gel top, curing each coat. If needed here you can buff and file, and go back in with gel base/ top coat- curing each layer. 
Specific to Dipped In Sparkles.
     I always ship as quick as possible. We are a homeschooling family of five! Our official policy is that your order will ship in 3-5 business days (so Saturday and Sunday don’t count as days- same with holidays). During the school year we are averging 4 business days.  If in a hurry, feel free to message us! Please add at least 5 business days during sales and releases.
     My powders are made with the highest quality ingredients in small batches by my own hand. They can vary in consistency because of the variety on ingredients. Glow, uv and thermal will be a bit thicker than shimmers and glitters. If you’re looking for the easiest to work with feel free to message me and I can definitely help choose based on your needs. You can also bring our acrylic powder to any salon for use with monomer as well.
     I always try to be upfront and transparent. If there is ever any questions, concerns or issues please reach out to the business page, Dipped In Sparkles. Since dip powders are personal products, my policy is that no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Those who have reached out to me know that I do my best to always solve any troubles!
     Jars are all filled by volume, not weight. We do our best to fill each jar completly, as setteling does occur during shipping. Half ounce jars are sold in 20 gram jars. Quarter ounce or 'mini' jars are sold in 10 gram jars. Sample jars are sold in 5 gram jars. 1.5 Ounce Jars are sold in 50 gram jars. All sizes come with a plasric makeup seal inside with lift flap.
     Samples are good for 2-4 full manis, quarter ounce for 5-7, half ounce for 7-10, and 1.5 ounce jars for 20-30 manis. This can vary greatly depending on number of dips and nail length, but generally, a little goes a long way.
     I am ever evolving and always working to improve my packaging. I want my product to be beautiful and arrive safely. We also focus on sustainability and recycled products as much as we can. Please contact us with photos of any products that dont arrive safely. 
When starting a new nail hobby remember, like any art, practice and patience are key. All of us started some where. Try not to get discouraged, and never feel bad asking questions! Our Facebook group is a great place to joing for specials, giveaways and to ask all your questions. 
Thank you all for being here and I hope this can be helpful as a place to start. 

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