Starter Kit: with THREE half ounce jar

Starter Kit: with THREE half ounce jar

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Welcome to our starter kits!! These include all products that I have tried and tested, and I only offer what I use myself! ALL COLOR CHOICES MUST BE IN STOCK.

Important: Choose between flake dips and any non flake color. If you choose one flake or more, you must order the flake starter kit. Flake colors chosen under non flake starter kits will be replaced with a random color of our choice. Please contact me with questions! 

[Definition of flake dip: any dip with the word flake(s) in the descriptions. Use our chat feature if you need assistance shopping!]


This product includes:

-(3) half ounce jars (by volume) of your choice



All starter kits include:

-(1) 100/180 grit file

-(1) glass file

-(1) firm nail brush

 -(3) piece liquid set: base, activater, and top coat

-(3) 100/180 mini cuticle files

-(3) wood orange sticks 

-(3) orange buffer blocks

- small stack (at least 4) mini cupcake liners


MUST READ: you must put your color choices in the notes at check out, or contact me via Facebook, Instagram or at Please include your order number. Starter kits will come with random colors unless specified.

Or if you’d like to be surprised, you can leave color palettes you love in the notes. 

All orders also come with a 3 piece mani kit to keep your stock updated! We also sell files and brushes.